Left-Wing Blogosphere: JFK, 9/11, Wellstone Conspiracy Theorists

For some reason, the Left likes few things more than defending anti-American attitudes, especially those of celebrities, especially those of foreigners. This weekend was a special bonus for one of the most unhinged from this contingent, DownWithTyranny, which could also be called DownWithSpacesBetweenWords. Here’s a headline from the weekend:


Now, it’s not likely I was going to see any Marion Cotillard films anyway (she’s the little-known French hottie who won Best Actress at last week’s Oscars). I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them, and I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to avoid them, either.

But anyway, this blog DWT, which deserves all of the scorn that can be heaped upon it and more, often tracks in scurrilous rumors, past ones which I won’t dignify by mentioning here. (I’ll wait until they mention them again.) But I will highlight this:

I have no idea who killed John F Kennedy. For me the jury is still out. I suspect Rove ordered the murder of Paul Wellstone but I have no way of knowing that for sure; it’s just a hunch. 9/11? All I know is that the Bush Regime lies about everything all the time. Is 9/11 the one thing they told the truth about? I can’t imagine that they did. So what happened? I guess we’ll never know exactly what happened, although we do know who was supposed to be watching the door to the house at the time.

You can’t even disprove this kind of thing. But know that Down With Tyranny apparently is not convinced by Gerald Posner’s “Case Closed” or Popular Mechanics’ superb debunking of the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

As for the Wellstone crash, it’s too fringey to have even a serious debunking. But hey, if they want to mar the memory of their favorite senator with baseless speculation, we can’t stop them.

But we can make sure that the media stops taking them seriously. And anyone who links to Down With Tyranny should not be taken seriously. Keep a lookout.


  1. The big sex moment in `Blue Ice` is when Michael Caine (the world`s greatest cockney) encounters a naked Sean Young whose body is straight from the local mortuary. There is not a wrinkle, not a crease….no signs of life. And we, like Caine, are supposed to find this `sensational`.

    And then there`s that clown Revolta who is making a movie which sends up big boobs.

    Well, what the F**** is going on?

    Firstly, films set up this Amazon standards of beauty and secondly, they demean people who approximate those very standards.

    Perhaps the only time the film Mafia is happy is when they construct and create the beauty myth; because then they have Control over it; can bully and belittle because it is they who made the myth in the first instance.

    But for those of us with big boobs, without botox or implants or anything else, I say Phooey. And I`ll say it again: Phooey.

    Let`s boycott films which purvey artificiality in any and all forms.

    And Michael, no more Spivs!

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