Ezra Klein Says “F— Tim Russert” And Worse, Should Be Banned From “Hardball”

“Big Media Ezra” Klein is well-known to bloggers and some media pundits as a sort of wunderkind — a lowly blogger who quickly rose to a perch at the little-read esteemed American Prospect and to appearances on the little-watched influential “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC. He’s half your age, but his book will be out before yours.

He is important enough to command his own special blog on the Prospect’s website, cleverly named “Ezra Klein” and with the so-clever-it-kills-me tagline “Momma said wonk you out.” [Special note, Prospecters: LL spelled it “Mama”] Last night he said this about the moderation of the Democrat debate on MSNBC:

It’s almost impossible for me to convey the damage Tim Russert and Brian Williams are doing to the republic this evening. So far, the questioning has gone something like: “Hillary, are you a racist?” “Barack, are you a scary black man who will continually remind us that we are racists?” “Senator Obama, why are you such a dick?” “Senator Clinton, would you like to comment on Senator Obama’s past drug use?” “Senator Obama, you say you want to move us forward, but your press people have released documents mentioning Hillary Clinton. Please explain.”

It’s “almost impossible … to convey the damage [they] doing to the republic”? Hyperbole, good to see you, too.
But that’s nothing. Klein also maintains a publicly available account on the short-message blogging service Twitter, where he wrote, and forget quotes, here’s the screen shot:

Ezra Klein on Twitter

Now that’s what I call contributing to the public discourse!

Of course, Russert is the managing editor of NBC News, the top NBC man in Washington, so he has a lot of control, if not complete sayso over who appears on the air. Don’t you think he’d like to hear about this? How about his fellow “Hardball” guests? What are the chances they would let him back on the air to share his nutroots wisdom with the cocktail party chattering classes? Well, they won’t have to make a decision if they don’t find out about it. And they SHOULD find out about it.

If a conservative was caught fantasizing (or even joking about fantasizing) about committing murderous sodomy against the management of a TV show he or she frequently appeared on, what is the likelihood that blogger would be invited back? You can bet the nutroots would be crowing about this on Daily Kos. We should be able to do the same.

If you have time, please send an e-mail to these e-mails below. And if you do, please be polite. Our strength is in reason, their strength is swearing up a storm. We have reasonable demands. Ezra Klein should not be invited back to “Hardball.”

Tim Russert, NBC News managing editor

Chris Matthews, Hardball host

Chuck Todd, NBC News political director

Steve Capus, NBC News president

UPDATE – Yet Ezra himself finds “Clinton hatred” to be “baffling.” Really? Sounds like he understands hatred pretty well.

UPDATE II – Welcome, Kausfilers! You’ll notice this is the first post. I’ll be back.

UPDATE III – Oh well, looks like Ezra has locked up his Twitter account. I wonder what secretive, Townhouse-style rants he will be cooking up next. If anyone knows, leave a comment.

UPDATE IV – Welcome, everyone. This post has been much more popular than I expected. This was the first post launching the blog, but only that. Click here to visit the main page and see the latest posts at The Unpopular Front.


  1. Why, I’ve never ever used such language! I’m incredibly offended!

  2. moqui

    maybe we should stop referring to Klein as a blogger and start calling him a bugger

  3. Gene Nossan

    Fire Ezra Klein from Hardball…we need civil discussions, not the rantings of an immature and maliciousness nutroot

  4. TLB

    This is beyond stupid, low, and petty, and that’s coming from someone who frequently leaves comments at Ezra’s sites pointing out how he’s wrong. If you want to discredit someone, let me suggest pointing out how they’re wrong instead of ratting on them.

  5. JorgXMcKie

    I read the ‘Clinton hatred’ link and I began by wondering, is this guy just stupid or is he insane. Since he writes quite well, I’m going with insane. Mind you, he’s probably not a physical danger to others, but he is obviously totally untethered to reality.

  6. Steve-o

    Poor Ezra, he was born with a silver turd in his mouth. Somebody tell this clown that channeling Hunter Thompson is so…Seventies. What once was cool becomes boring 30 years on. Destroying the Republic is the province of Clinton and Obama. Russert is an amateur compared to the presumptive nominees to be.

  7. James

    Liberals attacking liberals. Now THAT’S entertainment.

  8. Len

    Who knew Ezra Klein could talk like Dick Cheney?

  9. Pete Drum

    Who’s Ezra Klein?

  10. Pam

    Great post! It angers me when someone like this gets air time as it lessens the credibility of those in the blogosphere that work hard and carry a strong and fact based point of view..I mean that for either the left or the right bloggers..

  11. You’re absolutely correct that this was patently offensive. It was a private text message to friends, an inside joke we have because it’s so over-the-top obscene. It was never, ever meant to be public, and I’m deeply apologetic that it crossed that barrier. It’s not the sort of work I publish as a writer, and not what I seek to contribute to the discourse. The other examples of my writing, those that appear on my site, were meant to be in the sphere, to be argued with, even mocked. But the Twitter was ripped from my private life, and it was never meant to brought out of the bar-like context in which it was born. Guess those privacy settings are more important than I realized.

  12. reland1

    I swear, these liberals all seem to be incapable of using the 2.5% of the brain that the Lord above allows them to use! What part of “self-destruct” do they not understand. We need to pray for his mother…and grandmother.

  13. Ezra Klein is one of the biggest wankers in the liberal new media. Here’s what I wrote about Obama after Iowa:

    Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. They enmesh you in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role in it. He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair. The other great leaders I’ve heard guide us towards a better politics, but Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves, to the place where America exists as a glittering ideal, and where we, its honored inhabitants, seem capable of achieving it, and thus of sharing in its meaning and transcendence.

    I hope Obama still respected him in the morning.

  14. Jorge

    What is “Hardball” anyway? Is that on ESPN?

  15. Laika's Last Woof

    Acid? Gross.
    And he complains about people hating on Clinton … is this the sort of thing psychologists mean when they talk about “projection”?

  16. RA

    Tim Russert is making all the right people angry. He must be fair and balanced to make liberals that mad. Is Obama a scary black man that will be using the bully pulpit to harang white people for their racism? I want to know that.

    If Republicans make the same statements that Hillary and her supporters made, they would not be asked if they are racists. They would be demonized as racist from coast to coast.

    This fair and balanced business is not fair to liberals. How can they fool the public if this keeps happening? LOL

  17. Geno4u

    I luv it when the kettle calls the pot black…or is that also p.un.c…?? (kettle calls the pot Afro-American???)…It really does amaze me how so many on the left-far left do more of the things they blame the right for…!?!? (spending-lobbyist-wasteful government-4 days work weeks in Congress-etc-etc-etc) Both sides really suck! Oooppps… are “extra gravitational mechanisms operating in a gravity environment”. wow…we have real problems and we’re back to the same old-same old….hmmm

  18. Hal

    Boy, this is a stupid and slimy post. You make Mickey Kaus look mild and judicious. And do you really mean to defend Tim Russert? Have you thought this through?

  19. JJB

    I’m not an Ezra Klein fan, but I have to agree with the commenter who called this post stupid, low and petty. Do we really need more manufactured outrage in our political discourse? Klein made an off-color, offensive joke. Move on.

  20. lowe

    what an untalented hater.
    people like this will boost the gop.
    at least he hates himself as well!

  21. Very Informative
    Thanks for sharing

  22. It appears Mr. Klein has learned his vocabulary from the exalted Rahm Emmanuel.

    Hmmmmmm, makes one wonder does it not?


  23. Nort

    “Ripped from your private life”? Right.

    Don’t START nothin’, won’t BE nothin’.

  24. this is really incredible

  25. Some of line in this post i could not understand. In which language this post is being??

  26. raman11

    This one is really nice. Language between is little a bit confusing for me but I get it.

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