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There’s really no other way to look at this. So today, Huckabee goes on Morning Joe and like he usually does, tells a goofy story, this one about eating fried squirrel in college. Everybody has a good laugh. Josh Marshall thought it was funny enough to post:

It’s funny, and so is the good-natured laughing along with him from Scarborough’s co-host Willie Geist, apparently on loan from Tucker. And so Marshall’s headline is fairly understated: “Fried Squirrel: I’m Loving It!”

Fine. But you know who’s going to take it too far? Well, here’s one of the ever-multiplying gang of B&W avatared morons at at that oh-so-tolerant blog named for one of the worst pop groups of the 1990s (or maybe The Smiths, or maybe Virginia Woolf) laying on the condescension as thick as possible:

Mike Huckabee was on Morning Joe to discuss how he was going to win the South Carolina primary. Since all southerners are backwoods-raised rednecks scouring the highways for dinner, the only way to win our votes is eating fried squirrel, grits and firing up the Ford Bronco to cook some possum. Since I am a good southerner let me hook you up with some squirrel recipes. My cousin Leroy says the Squirrel Dumplings are better than his wife Jenny Bob’s creamy thighs.

Harharhar! Them Southerners sure are stupid! And this is a special kind. The author himself (if it is a him) claims to be Southern, too. A white liberal Southerner playing to white liberal Northerner’s stereotypes? Gee, where have we seen THAT before?

There’s also The Liberal Journal, a blog I’ve never heard of but has a sidebar longer than a stretch of Texas highway, who writes, and I am not removing any text between paragraphs:

Apparently, Michael Vick has nothing on Michael Huckabee.

After conducting a little google search I found out that this is, in fact, a common Southern dish.

Let’s take a trip inside this blogger’s head, or how I imagine it must have gone:

Mike Huckabee shooting, cooking and eating varmint, now that’s disgusting. In fact, it’s so unthinkably disgusting that Michael Vick turning his loving pets into vicious machines to kill or be kill almost sounds normal. Let me write that down. Uh, maybe I should Google this first. [type type type] Oh, so it’s fairly common. I’m not going to bother changing my initial reaction, or thinking it through. I better give it a headline that makes Huckabee sound like he should be in prison instead:

One Sick Huckabee


And Democrats wonder why they keep losing the South. Here’s a hint: It’s because the major organs of the national media are controlled by elite Northerners, or in some circumstances, Southerners who feel guilty about awful things done by their grandparents and other ancestors, and feel compelled to make fun of anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line. But hey, don’t let me stop you.